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Our Products

Finca Santa Marta offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and of course, coffee! Currently, we are not exporting fruits and vegetables to countries outside of Costa Rica, but we do sell and ship our gourmet coffee to any location in the world. If you are interested in purchasing coffee from Santa Marta, please contact us via the secure form below.

Santa Marta Coffee

The fine coffee produced on our farm is the result of many generations of planning, protecting, and enriching the soil of our farm. The unique combination of altitude, annual rainfall amounts, and temperature creates the recipe that produces the very finest coffee found in Costa Rica. We do not mass-produce our coffee, but rather make it available for true coffee lovers who appreciate such high-quality products. Please use the secure form below to inquire about pricing and variations that are currently available at our farm.

Santa Marta Fruits and Vegetables

The fruits and vegetables grown on our farm maintain an exceptional flavor due to the soil, the altitude and the processes that we use to cultivate these products. Currently, our fruits and vegetables are only available for sell inside of Costa Rica, but if you wish to see an extensive list of the varieties and associated pricing (in Spanish only), please click here.